8 Unknown Facts of Nepal

8 Unknown Facts of Nepal

8 Unknown Facts of Nepal

Nepal lies between the two domineering land masses and national powers that are India and China, yet it still manages to retain a culture that is distinctly its own. Nepal holds a number of records which makes a high profile for this small country. Although for the many Nepalese people there are many unknown facts. In this article, we collect some unknown facts of Nepal. Mount Everest being the peak of the world at the height of 8,848m, there are others like the Tilicho lake- the highest lake on earth at the height of 4800m, Shey Phoksundo Lake- the deepest lake of 145m at the height of 3600m, the deepest gorge of Kalidanki of 1200m and the highest valley on Earth- the Arun valley. Similarly, Nepal is culturally very rich country. Kathmandu valley alone has seven UNESCO’s World Heritage Cultural sites around a radius of 15 Kilometers. 8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world lie in Nepal. (8000m and above)

Unknown Facts of Nepal:
Unknown Facts #1
No passport requires for Indians to travel Nepal. That’s right! As an Indian citizen, one can travel to Nepal without the passport, as long as some other form of ID is shown, as a proof of Indian Citizenship.

Unknown Facts #2
The national flag of Nepal is the World’s only non-quadrilateral National Flag. The flag consists of two red adjoining triangles, with a blue border. The upper triangle consists of the symbolic moon and the lower triangle consists of the symbolic sun. The basic design of this flag is over 2000 years old.

Unknown Facts #3
Nepal doesn’t have an Independence Day because Nepal was never colonized. Nepal was never under any foreign invasion. Also, Nepal is the oldest country in South Asia.

Unknown Facts #4
Nepal has over 80 Ethnic Group and 123 languages.

Unknown Facts #5
About 60% of internet users in Nepal surf Internet with a speed below 265kbps. It is the second slowest speed in the world just behind Libya. About 60% people in Nepal surf internet since 1994.

Unknown Facts #6
The only Living Goddess in the World called KUMARI can be found in Nepal. The word Kumara is derived from the shankrit Kaumarya, meaning “princess”. In Nepal these kumara considered to be the earthly manifestations of divine female energy, incarnations of the goddess known as Taleju, the Nepalese name for Durga. Selected as children, they live in temples, are carried in chariots, during festivals and are worshiped by thousands of Hindus and Buddhists. They retire upon puberty.

Unknown Facts #7
Siddhartha Gautam (Buddha) was born in Kapilvastu, Lumbini which lies in Nepal. Nepal is the Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. Lumbini is a sacred place for Buddhists.

Unknown Facts #8
Saturday is the only official weekend holiday in Nepa . Sunday is normal workday. But people are off for a half day on Friday.


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