Baglung Nepal

Baglung city lies in the west part of Nepal. It is the largest city. It is the major area for business, educational institutes, health center for people living in Kali Gandaki Valley. Nepali is the most spoken language along with Magar, Tibetan, Newari and many more. It is a city of multi culture and multi ethnic group peoples. We can also see the Tibetan refugee camp there. It is also the home of folk songs and singers.


Baglung Bazar lies on the upland of Kali Gandaki and mount Dhaulagiri. This place consists of warm summer and cold winters. Rain is affected by the monsoon. Rainfall mostly occurs during January to September. And other months have dry and sunny weather. We can also enjoy the snowfall during winter because this place is surrounded by the high peaks and mountains.


The nearest place from here is Beni Bazar and Kushma Bazar. Also, it connects to the Pokhara valley to the east. Also, in northern part it connects to Tibet route to Mustang.  In the city areas we can see the developed roads whereas the dirt and narrow roads is seen in rural areas. Airport is also under construction for the easier access of transportation. This area promotes rafting which attracts number of tourists every year.


It has large amount of governmental and private foundations. Different sort of rallies and confession occurs every year. People living here are Nepal army, police. The Bazar is also financial and economic center for people living here. People of here are employed in different foreign countries. We can find several hotels, lodges, varieties of shops as well as small scale industry.

Places to visit

baglung Baglung provides the beautiful Himalayan views, waterfalls, dense forest. The temple of here are famous across the nation. Baglung Kalika Temple is famous among the travelers which attracts number of visitors. Also rafting, swimming in rivers, Trek, Biking is also in practice. One of the major hunting area Dhorpatan Hunting reserve also lies here which preserves blue sheep and snow leopard.


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