Bhedetar Visit

Bhedetar is a VDC of Dhankuta district in Koshi zone. It lies in the eastern part of Nepal. This place is one of the tourist’s destination and also famous for small hill station. It is also famous as the gateway to Dharan.

This place consists of different hotels, lodges, restaurants which provides the comfortable stay for visitors. In this place, there used to be many sheep’s, so the travelers gave name as Bhedetar (place where we can see lots of sheep).

bhedetar2 There is a tower named as “Charles Tower” from where we can see the green views of Dharan. The environment here is peaceful and beautiful. We can see the beautiful hills, Sapta koshi rivers rom there.The climate here is cold throughout the year. People from different and near locations visits here to get rid of heat. This place provides the cool, peaceful and beautiful view of the nature. It attracts tourists in huge number every year. There is also a facility of paragliding and rafting. The near places of Bhedetar to visit are Dharan, Dhankuta, Namaste Jharna, Biratnagar as well as many other places of eastern region.




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