Biratnagar is a beautiful city that lies in eastern part of Nepal. It is also famous as industrial capital city of Nepal. There is a lack of greenery but it consists with rich in culture and tradition. The main language is Nepali. Large number of peoples also speak Maithili here. There people of Biratnagar are highly educated. There is a facility of airport, well developed roads. It is one of the famous and well-known destination of sports of Nepal. Birat gold cup is organize in Biratnagar. It is the second largest land port of Nepal. The climate is very hot there. It also connects with the Indian borders.

Things to do

biratnagar1 The main place of Biratnagar is Birat Durbar. But now it is broken into fragments of rocks. Kali mandir is a temple that lies in the center of the town. The first jute mill of Nepal is present in Biratnagar.It is the major center place to explore the east part of Nepal. Those includes Illam, Taplejung, Koshi wildlife reserve, Dharan and many others.


We can see the number of Hindus devotees during Dashain in kali mandir. A mela is organize for the people. During chat, the huge mela is organized. It is the home for the Biratnagar jute mills. It is the oldest large-scale industry of the nation.

People living here also celebrate the Krishna Janma asthami. On this day there is Rath Yatra. Chhath is one of the major festivals in Terai region of Nepal. During Chhath people gather on the bank of the river side and do puja. They worship the Sun. The special and delicious dish found here is “Puchka”. The sweet is also very famous here. We can also see the peoples with different ethnics. They are the peoples with different cultures, religions and languages. This place is famous for the huge numbers of festival celebration.



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