boudhanath (2)

Boudhanath, Kathmandu

Boudhanath Stupa is the largest and holiest Stupa of Nepal. This stupa is the symbol of Buddhism which is rich in Tibetan culture. It is one of the chief pilgrimage places as well as meditation for the locals and tourists. Boudha Stupa is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, it is one of the important destinations for tourists. It is also the home of Buddhism, stupas and pilgrimages. Also, the people with various casts, religions can also be seen there.

boudhanath (1) It is one of the trade ways from Tibet to Kathmandu valley. The stupa looks like large mandala. It is surrounded by the sixteen-sided walls. We can see the peoples performing the prayers. We can see the prayer flags attached to the stupa, flitting in the wind taking mantras and prayers directed towards heaven. There are also the beautiful streets as well as valleys. There are different homes with several colors, Buddhists Monasteries as well as street sellers. People also celebrate Losar festival in Bouddhanath. We can see different hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops near there. Also, the arts and crafts regarding buddha is sold in the shops. It is one of the destination places for tourists. Tourism has a huge impact in the economy of the people living there.

There is also the good facility of roads and transportation to reach there.




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