Budhanilkantha Temple

budhanilkantha Budhanilkantha Temple lies ten kilometers from the center of Kathmandu. It is at the below of base of the Shivapuri hill of the Kathmandu valley. The temple is also known as Budhanilkantha temple or Narayansthan temple. It is the statue of the Hindu god Lord Vishnu.

The temple is the devote of Lord Vishnu. There is a statue of Lord Vishnu with stone sculpture where the lord Vishnu is seen sleeping in the stone carving. This place is also famous as the house of the sleeping Vishnu. It is one of the largest carving of the stone in the world. Lord Vishnu also has several spirits. Among them Narayan, who created all the life and the god who rests on cosmic sea. The stone with image of Vishnu was build in one single piece of stone. It is one of the most important holy places of the country. It was build during Licchavi rule outside the valley. Later on, it was bought here.

Narayan takes rest peacefully on the spiral multiheaded snake. The snake’s 11 heads rising protectively around the neck of Lord Vishnu. His four hands hold the various symbols. Lord Vishnu chakra disc which represents the mind. Also A conch shell represents the four elements. As well as mace represents the primeval knowledge and a lotus seed denotes the moving universe.

Lord Vishnu was supposed to sleep through the four monsoon months. And he wakes up at the end of monsoon. Festival takes place there on believe where he wakes up from his long sleep. Only Hindu peoples are allow inside the temple for worshipping. There is no charge for entering inside the temple. Daily numbers of people visit there for worshipping lord Vishnu.Also, Budhanilkhanta attracts numbers of Hindu worshiping people around the nation as well as from India and many others.


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