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Devghat, Nepal

Devghat is the religious place in Hindu tradition. This place is one of attractive place which has its own natural scenarios with greenery views. We can also find the several kinds of wild species, cool weather and natural climate along with dense forest and beauty.


We can get direct bus, taxies from Narayangarh and from Kathmandu. To visit this place, there is an easy access of roads and transportation. From Narayangarh, it takes seven kilometers and from Kathmandu it takes one hundred fifty kilometers to reach there.

Religious sites

devghat It is one of the holy places for Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Different types of Sadhus and Santa’s can also be seen. Various types of temples, caves as well as ashrams are famous for their religious beliefs where several religious tasks are perform by people. Several religious Melas are organized every year. A large mela is held every year on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. It is one of the largest mela of religious. As well as this holy place is famous and people worship it with belief of Lord Bishnu. The retirement houses are on process of building with the help of Nepal government. A hydropower plant is also under construction in this area. We can see different institutions and hospitals. It has Devghat health post which provides both traditional and ayurvedic treatments.

You can also visit Chitwan from there.



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