Dhampus Dhampus village (1650m) locate on the north from the Pokhara valley. Beside its gorgeous views of golden rice terraces from the farmer. People usually go for Hiking to this village. We can view the mountains, natural beauty of nature, and the peace environment. This place also has more population of Gurung community. It is a weekend destination for the people. Dhampus is famous for the best view point in Annapurna region. We can also see the beautiful view of Pokhara city from there. The best view seen there is of sunset.


Visit of dhampus starts from Phedi village which is thirty minutes from the Pokhara. It is the shortest trek. We can see three different viewpoints during Dhampus, Naudada and Sarangkot during our travel.   To reach there , we have to hike through small villages, cultivated lands and forests. We can view the beautiful scene of the Annapurna range and other different mountains. Also, we can see the attractive view of sunset and sunrise.


Dhampus is also a beautiful and peace place of Nepal.  We can enjoy the views, nature, watch villagers work. Since it is located in high altitude, we can see the beautiful view of Pokhara valley, Fewa lake and Peace stupa. Pokhara is attractive and  also a god’s gift which is rich in its natural beauty. This region is greatly established by the Gurungs community. They are shepherds and farmers. This is not only an amazing hiking. It is also most well-liked trek in Nepal too. We can also see the daily life style of the people and interact them.







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