Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve Visit

Dhorpatan hunting reserve is one and only hunting reserve of Nepal. It lies in the Dhaulagiri Himal area of West Nepal.  This place links with three districts of Nepal which includes Rukum, Myagdi and Baglung. It was established in 1987. This area allows sports award hunting. It also protects high location ecosystem in west Nepal. Here the hunting needs of Nepali and foreigner hunts the blue sheep and other game animals. The higher altitude of its area remains snowcapped whole year. The region has six areas for the hunting purpose.

To visit there, we can go on bus or through helicopter and trek. This region is surrounded by villages where locals depends on this reserve for their daily life needs which includes woods, fuels, fodders. Every year more than eighty thousand livestock enters this reserve for animal farming and grazing. Mongolian races like Magar, Gurung as well as various cast groups are found here with several cultural norms.

dhorpatan1 Also, we can see and visit the Hindu religious places near it. Every year different religious fair held where we can see many peoples with high religious beliefs. As well as the attractive view of mount Dhaulagiri is amazing to watch. Also, the several wild life animals like blue sheep, leopard and many others can be explored and experienced along with rich vegetation. The endangered animals like Musk Deer, Wolf, Red Pandas, Cheer Pheasant and Danphe. A hunting license is provided by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife conservation. The weather is cold. We can see the high hills covered by clouds during morning. Snow is also seen in the low hills. We can find the hotels where the Nepali foods are served.





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