Gorkha, the birth place of King Prithivi Narayan Shah, who unified Nepal into one single kingdom. It is the home of brave warriors and soldiers. The first king of gorkha was Dravya Shah. The Palace resides on top of hill from where the king watch over his kingdom. We can see the typical Nepali architecture and war-strategy of the past. The Durbar grasps the history of the nation. There was a famous proverb “one should go to Gorkha if he/she is looking for a justice”. During the visit, people watch locals collecting wild honey in the jungle. Wild honey is famous among the peoples. The famous and historic temple Manakamana Temple lies in Gorkha. Likewise, Gorakhnath Temple and Gorakh Kali also lies here. This palace provides the historic landmark of the nation. Also, some buildings have wood paintings which reflects the ancient cultures. For the view of sunrise and sunset people trek to the this Palace because of its high altitude.

Gorkha Trekking

manakamana Gorkha is famous among trekkers. It is one of the Nepal’s hillside trek where the beauty of Nepali hills can be explored.  We can also view the mountainous view if the sky is clear. The Palace is also popular among the trekkers.

On the occasion of Prithivi Narayan shah’s birthday, there are various celebration among the nation and especially on its main bazar. We can also view the statues in different places. We can see that finger pointing up in different photos and statues. The main reason behind the first finger pointing upwards is signifying Nepal is one kingdom. We can also see the famous flowing rivers like chepe, Daraudi, Marsyangdi and Budhi Gandaki. Transportation is easier because of the easy access of roads. We can also view the mount Manaslu, Ganesh Himal and many other peaks from there during the visit.




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