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Gosainkunda: Nepal Pilgrimage Sites

Gosainkunda lies in Langtang National park in Rasuwa district. It has an oligotrophic lake with alpine fresh water which has huge religious beliefs among peoples. This lake remains frozen for about six months. There are more than one hundred lakes in this place with equal importance.

gosainkunda (2) This place is one of the religious destinations of the people. The lake situated got huge religious values and belief. This place is the home of Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri. People also believe Ramayana and Mahabharata also refer to the existence of Gosainkunda. The holy lakes have their own importance. People visits there during Ganga Dashara and other several festivals. And also, during Janai Purnima number of people visits here with huge religious belief from India and Nepal. People believe this place is originated from digging by Lord Shivas Trisul when he was thrust. We can find the different and attractive places, views, peaks, greenery scenes during our trek.


It is one of the popular trekking places. It is one of the routes to Gosaikunda to Helambu trek. This place is next to the famous Langtang trek. We can find the numbers of hotels, nightstay during our visit.






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