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Helambu, Nepal

Helambu is one of the favorite destinations among travelers. We can see high peaks, beautiful greenery views as well as many mores things to do. You can also enjoy the different cultures and languages. The most following religions here are Hinduism and Buddhism. Therefore, it is the home of multi religions where various symbols of gods and goddess, temples and monasteries.

helambu (3) Helambu is the mountainous region village of Nepal.  Yolmo community peoples are seen here in large numbers. This region is also famous for producing sweet Apples. It is one of the best destination places for sight viewing. Also rich in arts, cultures, traditions and hills. This region provides the several trekking destinations. The major and famous trekking place is Helambu Trek. We can also see the rhododendron in large amount, also waterfalls, snowy peaks, and dense bamboo forests. Since it lies near to the boarder of Tibet, it is attracted by the Tibetan culture and traditions. We can see the different monasteries during our visit.

helambu (2)The trekking to Helambu starts form Sundarijal. After walking an hour, we can reach to Shivapuri National Park. The routes that arrives during our trekking includes places like Chisopani, Kutumsang, Thadepati and some other places to reach. During our trek we can see the snow peaks, dense forests also the monasteries. The beautiful view of sunset and sunrise can be seen from the top of the hill.