Hile (2)


Hile is a small town which lies in the east side of Nepal and thirteen-kilometer northern side of Dhankuta. From here we can see the beautiful views of the major peaks like mount Makalu, Lhotse, Kumbhakarna and also the mount Everest. The climate of this town is cool as compared to other near places from there.  This city provides the beautiful view of the nature along with high peaks.

Hile (1) There is a facility of hotels, lodges transportations, shops and many more. Where we can take rests. We can take a cup of tea and enjoy the beautiful views of the Himalayas and the greenery valley. It attracts the tourists in large amount. The house of Hile are small with high maintenance. There is a moist, clean and fresh air in this town. The environment here is clean and healthy. The people living here are busy in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and others.

How to get there

For travelling there, we can take the bus from Dhankuta. The transportation is also easy access to travel there. Hile is also the bus stop which is more far from Dhankuta. Also, from Dharan we can travel there through bus which takes about four to five hours ride. As well as the road from Dharan to Hile is well maintained.








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