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IIam Nepal

Ilam is a hill town famous for natural beauty and landscapes along with tea producing town in Nepal. We can view the tea gardens, dense forests, religious places with different cultures and traditions. It is also an amazing city to view the sunrise and sunset. Ilam is also another city for destination of tourists with sightseeing views, trek, walk on garden of teas, and riding on horse. This place is famous across the world for its tea production.

We can travel to Ilam through buses, flights to Biratnagar and other means of transportations. This city provides the proper facility of foods and night stay. It provides the different lodges, hotels, restaurants and varieties of food to the visitors.

ilam (1) The major attractions of this city are Antu dada which provides the perfect view of sunrise and sunset along with Himalayas. Also, Mai Pokhari is also a famous pond surrounded by thick forests and herbs. Also, the important places of Illam are Kanyam and Fikkal which are famous for picnic, sight viewing and photography.  It is also a business area. There is a stone tunnel having inscriptions images of Hindu Gods name as “Gajur Mukhi”. It is a holy place to visit. Also “Pathibhara Temple” is one of the major holy places with huge religious belief in it. So, numbers of people visit there. The temple of Lord Shiva Mai Beni House is also another place to visit. Similarly, Narayansthan, Singha Bahini, Puwa khola are also important places to visit during Ilam visit.






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