Janakpur is the one of the developed cities in province no.2. It is name after King Janak. The religious temple of Ram and Sita is located in Janakpur. It is a religious place where people from different places and countries come visit the “Janaki Mandir”.  The Janaki Temple is one of the biggest and largest temples of Nepal and one of the heritage sites renowned through worldwide.

At earlier time only Janaki temple and few houses were build with cements and bricks. This place still has so many religious places which belongs to Janakpur like, Dhanusha Dham, Baba Dham etc. as well as the largest gate of Asia also lies here. It is also known as an Industrial area.

janakpur1 Janakpur is the capital of province no. 2. Most of the people use their cultural language Maithili rather than Nepali. There is also a good facility for hotels, lodges restaurant. Most of the people come to visit which are from India as well as other different countries as they have religious faith. This place also connects India and Nepal with boarder of Jatahi. We can see holy temples and places as well as there are plenty of ponds too which makes Janakpur more beautiful. There is a very big railway station which connects Nepal to India through Jayanagar and consider as a “badi line” too.

Janakpur also connect with Jaleshwor which is about 12 km distance from the city. As Jaleshwor derived from the two words Jal (water) and ishwor (god) which denotes the place of god. People believe the Shiva Ling come out from that place. So, the peoples start calling that place as Jaleshwor. At the time of Shivaratri, peoples worship in the name of Lord Shiva. Jaleshwor is the only place considered as the sea level surface all over the Nepal.




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