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Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is one of the famous activities practice in Nepal for exploring various Parks, areas of conservation and wildlife reserve areas. Exploring the uncultivated land of rich vegetations for viewing wild animals, different birds and the durable formations of nature. It becomes the most prime attractions. This is also one of the most adventurous things. It is mostly practice by those who loves nature and favor living animals. Nepal has about fourteen National Parks and Wildlife reserves. Also, it consists of tropical flora and fauna, diverse wild species and birds. It is amazing to see them.jungle safari (2)

Jungle safari includes famous canoe rides, walking through the rich flourishing vegetations, elephant ride, watching birds, clicking photos, tours near the villages and many mores. And jeep safari for jungle is also popular among the peoples.jungle safari (1)

Jungle safari in Nepal are easy and pleasant journey for exploring the national park. Chitwan National Park as well as Bardia National Park is suitable place for exploring wildlife. Elephant safari is also common in practice. Basically, It helps us to exploring the beauty of Nepal. Various flora fauna can be explored.


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