Kagbeni is an exceptional well-known village of बाह्र गाँउ Baarah Gaun (also twelve villages) region in Mustang district. This place lies in the famous trek route to Annapurna Trek and the bank of Kali Gandaki river. It is also an entrance to Upper Mustang. It lies at an altitude of twenty-eight hundred(2800m) meter. This village is an old manufacture village which are attractive. The houses are build with mud brick, dark lanes and a shrines of Buddhists.  The positions of a village in a green spring is dominate by its red monasteries. It is the center place for nearby villages of Jomsom in south and Muktinath in the east. According to Adhyatma Ramayana, Rishi’s son meditated here. So, the place was given name as Kagbeni. The village upholds the characteristic appearance of a castle town and is rich in cultures. This place also played an important role for trading of salt between Tibet and Nepal. The people settled here are specially Bhote and Thakali.

Mojor attractions:

Kag Chode Thupten Samphel Ling Gompa:

It is also one of the important historic monasteries in Baarah Gaun. This place translates as “monastery of the place” to stop and develop concentration on teachings of lord Buddha. People have to pay fee to visit this monastery.

Devthen Chhorten

This place is especially build to protect the village from the ghosts.

Maitreya Chapel

It is a small monastery which is made up with clay and it has attractive wall paintings.

kagbenii And also this place is famous among the trekkers and tourists from all over the world. The climate is cold here. This place is also center for Muktinath temple visit, Tilicho Lake, Dhumba Lake and Poon Hill. This place has different Monastries.





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