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Exploring Kritipur

Kritipur is the ancient city with its historic and cultural values. It lies in the Kathmandu District which is one of the municipalities of Kathmandu Valley. Its name is derived from two words kriti and pur where Kriti means “Glory” and Pur means “City”. It is one of the famous and religious places to visit.

Kritipur is the center place for Newari culture. Basically, people of Newari community live here. This place consists of many temples, Gumbas and architectures. We can see the people of different castes and religions living there peacefully. This place has high religious values, cultures. The people living here are busy in trade, industry and agriculture. They also promote and save their cultures by organizing different jatras. We can get to kritipur through buses due to easy access of roads and transportations.

It is a city of brave people and also the historical city which carries the history of Nepal. This valley has many places to visit. The famous and major destinations of this places are Bhag Bhairav Temple, Chilancho Stupa, Dev Pukku, Taudaha Lake, Uma Maheshwar Temple and many more. The old cricket stadium of Nepal Tribhuwan Cricket Ground also lies here.kritipur (1)

The oldest university of Nepal Tribhuvan University also lies here. Kritipur is also famous for trekking and hiking place among the peoples. It consists of high hills. It consists of green environment. Kritipur is one of the historic place to visit where we can get the chance to see/visit our historic monuments, temples and history. This place is rich in culture and traditions. The Newari cultures is seen throughout this place. We can also see the typical Newari houses as well as modern houses  there. There is a peaceful and greenery environment. there is also facilities of Hospitals, colleges, schools and so on.


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