Kushma is a municipality which lies in the Dhaulagiri zone and Parbat district. Parbat lies in the west part of Nepal. This municipality was formed by combining the thirteen-village development committees. The near places from kushma are Pokhara and Baglung. The main market of this village is Kushma Bazar which lies between the bank of Kaligandaki and Modi. There is a longest suspension bridge which joins this village with Gyadichour.

The main highway of there is Pokhara Baglung highway. Micro Buses is the major means of transportation of people living here. Also, jeeps are used within the bazar for transportation. In youths, Bikes is popular. This city provides the hotels, lodges for the visitors.kushma1

Also the longest suspension bridge “Balewa” lies in the hilly part of this village. The bridge is the connection point for the villages between the kushma and Baglung. The bridge made travel easier for villagers. This place is also famous for mysterious Gupteswor cave. The climate here is cold. Furthermore, we can see the greenery environment and nature. The people living here are doing farming and animal husbandry. We can see the different temples, cultures and religions of people. The environment there is peaceful as well as it is the small village with high facilities.




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