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Langtang is a narrow valley on the north Himalayas of Nepal and near to the border of Tibet. This place is rich in beauty of its land, peaks and green forests along with flowing rivers. The main people living here are Tamang’s. It consists of more than seventy glaciers with different sizes. Langtang National park also lies here which is the second largest national park of Nepal.langtang (1)

This place also attracts huge number of tourists. Trekking, climbing and White-water rafting are the major attractions for them. It is one of the famous destinations for camping and hiking. It is one of the least crowd travelling places. We can also see the mountains views and snowcapped peaks as well as glaciers too. While walking alongside the river we can see the yaks and wild horses grazing in the hilly area. We can also rent a tent and camping items along with food and go to village for camping.

Less than five thousand people lives in the park. The park also includes Oaks, pines. We can also see the national Flower of Nepal Rhododendron in huge amount. Also, there is a different and cool climate. The Animals like Himalayan black bear, sheep’s, Himalayan goat, Pandas and Monkeys can be seen there. The forest is full of beautiful greenery which is peaceful to walk from there.  The people living here are helpful. Guiders are found in the village which helps for tourists during their visit.


  1. […] The altitude variations along with forest covers the habitant for wild species. The rivers flowing there forms an important way for birds. People living here depends upon the resources of this park for their basis purposes like for wood and grazing land. We can find people with different caste groups who are farmers and cattle farming as well as weaving.  Most of the people living here follow Buddhism. The area near this park Helambu area provides the beautiful villages and scenes. It also provides the beautiful view of Langtang Himal. […]


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