manang Manang District is situated in the wide valley of the Marshyangdi River which flows to the west. Here we can find the different cultures of Gurung, Sherpa, Nepali, Magar, Newari and Limbu. It is close to Nepal Tibet border. It is a mountainous village where we can see the different views of Himalayas.Now there is an easy access of transportation. There are pitch roads and trails where the goods are exported and imported. The development of the roads linking Manang to the Annapurna Conservation Area has bought several benefits to this area.The amount of rainfall is less as compared to other districts. We can also find thick forest and brown green valleys. The climate we can see there is cold temperature. We can also see the agriculture and collection of yaks by locals.

Things to do

manang1It is also one of the best destinations for trekking. This trekking helps us to witness the various stages in the journey of Himalayan River. We can also see and view the traditions of the people living there. World’s highest lake Tilicho Lake is also situated there. It is also one of the popular destinations among the tourists. We can see the mountains transforming their shapes. It is the best place to see those views.

People also visit there for hiking which is most adventurous. We can see amazing views of mountains, natural beauty scenes.  While hiking you should take enough water, snacks, chocolates and so on.

The traditions and Tibetan Buddhist culture is  preserve there. We can see Annapurna Range huge from the southern part of Manang. We can see the peaks with different characters. The beautiful mountain peaks, glaciers are the major attractions for the tourists.


manang3We can see the warm, friendly welcome in Manang. There we can find different hotels with homely environment during our visit. Also, there is a hangout place for enjoying coffee with the nature. It is one of the dream destinations for the people. There we can enjoy the nature and its beauty of Himalayas, glaciers, monasteries and the local culture.




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