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Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is also one of the popular medium to explore and visit Nepal. It helps us to travel single or with group of friends. We can stop and view wherever we want. We can visit the new places and explore the beautiful places of Nepal. Mountain Biking also explore those places which cannot be visited through buses and other means. Nepal is a country with various stream which makes the ride enjoyable and fun.  We can also form a dare climb high altitudes to reach a viewpoint where we can enjoy the wonderful views. After viewing the beauty, we can experience the thrilling coming down from the high altitude. One of the famous and interesting rides is of trip to Chitwan National Park. Along with Mustang, Illam, Dharan, Palpa, Annapurna Base Camp Trek and many more places.mountain biking (2)

The major thing for the long bike ride is you must be physically fit. For a serious biking tour, you must have mountain bike. Kathmandu valley provides various places to ride. It consists of various trails and side street. We can also ride for visiting towns, temples and Buddha Stupas. Riding and exploring traditional Newari village is also famous thing in practice.mountain biking (1)

Mountain Biking is popular nowadays. It provides and helps to explore the various places.  As well as it gives the amazing experience.


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