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Parsa Wildlife Reserve Visit

Parsa Wildlife Reserve occupies Chitwan, Makwanpur, Parsa as well as Bara Districts of Nepal. The soil here is of gravel and mixtures making it liable to erosion. The hills present a very rough face with large passes and dry rivers. On foothills, we can view the water flowing rivers from the hills.We can find the tropical and subtropical forests. We can find the various grass  on the face of Churia Hills.

parsa (2) We can also explore the wild elephant, tigers, leopards as well as several wild species and animals as well as birds. One of the endangered species Giant Hornbill as well as other birds are protected there in the forest. The climate is humid. Summer is observe to be hot. Different religious places along with greenery scenes is spotted in the hilltop. We can get there through buses and there is an airport which is seven to eight kilometers far from the reserve headquarter. This reserve protects the flora and fauna. The reserve is close before sunrise and after sunset.

We can also enjoy the jungle safari which attracts the tourists in the large number. The Terai culture and nature can be explored from the villages from terai. As well as the wildlife protected here is naturally and culturally beautiful.


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