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Sauraha lies in eastern side of Chitwan district and is one of the major destinations for tourists. We can observe and explore the various wild animals, birds and other different species. It is rich in natural beauty along with different diversities. This place is famous for observing the traditions as well as cultural heritages of Nepal. Usually, tourists can be seen observing and exploring the natural beauty, traditions and wildlife. The environment is naturally healthy and clean. Also, the weather is cold since this place lies in Terai belt.

During our visit, we can explore different types of wild species, birds as well as forests of Chitwan National Parks. We can also explore and view the Chitwan national park by riding on an elephant or by riding on a vehicle.

We can also go and enjoy jeep safari, riding on an elephant, walking on forest. Also, we can view the Tharu cultural programs. We can also enjoy the bathing of elephant in the rivers. The view of sunrise and sunset is also center of attraction in Sauraha.

sauraha (2) Promotions of internal as well as external tourists is done by conducting bullock art race, elephant football and many others. We can also see the different types of wild species along with endangered animals and species in Chitwan National Park. We can also view the famous river like Narayani and Rapti.

Transportation and stay

Transportation is easy there. All types of means of transportation are available here. There is a facility of flight to Kathmandu, Nepalgunj, and other national airports from here. Regular buses are also available to travel from there or to reach there. There are numbers of hotels as well as resorts for the visitors. However, autos are also easy access for travelling the city. We can also travel this city on foot.

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