Tansen Nepal

Palpa Tansen is the most famous hilly region in the west part of Nepal of Lumbini Zone. It is also one of the major destinations for tourists.  We can see the different cultures, hills, natural beauty, greenery scenes, beautiful atmosphere. There is a pleasant weather in every season. We can also see the view of mount Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, and many more peaks during clear weather. Palpa is famous for the production of Dhaka. There are many shops of Dhaka in the Tansen Bazar. It is also rich in the arts and crafts. There we can see the different cultures and traditions. This place is rich in temples, greenery view, different cultures and traditions and climatic condition. There is also the facility of paragliding where we can view the beauty of Palpa. We can also find the religious and cultural diversity in Tansen, Palpa.

Things to do

palpa Palpa’s major places to visit in Tansen are Tansen bazar. Here we can see the pagoda style temples. Traditional markets and rich cultures. Also, Palpa Rani Mahal is also major attraction for people. Because it is at the bank of kali Gandaki river. This place was built by the king in memory of his wife. It is also famous as Taj Mahala of Nepal. It is built with stone walls and the palace is beautiful. Another place to visit is Tansen Durbar where we can see the rich arts and crafts. It is the heart of the Palpa valley. In addition, the Bhairabsthan is also the center of attraction among the people. It is the temple with religious beliefs.  We can also view the different peaks from here and view the cultural importance. It is the temple of Hindu god Bhairab. Srinagar and Batase Dada are also the major places to visit during the visit to Tansen.







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