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Tikapur lies in the bank of karnali river in kailali district. Most of people living here are engaged on agriculture and some are busy on trade and some on the services. This place is famous for its natural greenery, beautiful environment, diversity and cultural values. Tikapur is famous for the biggest and most attractive park of Nepal. The environment here is fresh and natural. Transportation is efficient which includes auto rickshaws, buses and planes. The roads are also well maintained here.


The majority of people living here are Tharu, Chhetri, Brahmin, Magar and others. The people living here celebrate different cultures and traditions. People living here celebrates the festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Maghi parva, Holi and many others. The religion groups living here are Hinduism, Buddhists, Christian, Islam and others. As well as is one of the clean and green cities of Nepal.

Things to do

tikapur (1) The famous Banana Restaurant also lies in Tikapur. So, it is one of the major attractions for tourists. This restaurant provides the banana made products such as Momo, chips, and many more other items. Also, the banana made handicraft is also popular among the visitors. The beautiful green forests, rivers, lakes, parks, and its cultural values make this city attractive. Tikapur park, Shukla Panta national park, Bardiya national parks, Karnali Bridge, Ghoda Ghodi lake, Puraina Lake as well as beautiful Dolphins are the major reason of attractions. Facilities of transportation, hotels and Lodges makes this city best among the travelers. The karnali bridge is the connecting bridge of far western with other parts near to this city. The deep blue river with fishes as well as dolphins also attracts the tourists.



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