tsum valley (2)

Tsum Valley

Tsum valley is a holy Himalayan trip valley which lies in the northern part of Gorkha. The Ganesh himal, Sringi Himal and Boudha ranges lies on the background of this valley. This valley is rich in its ancient arts, cultures, traditions and religion. The people living here are mainly from the Tibetan origin. We can see the stone made arts, drawing of gods and carved with prayers. The famous pilgrimage Kyimu Lung lies in the central transit which is famous center for learning and meditation. This region passes over the Tsum valley which is in the Manaslu area in Nepal. This valley has the history of Buddhism. It is also believed some of the Buddhists glorified souls had meditation in the caves of these mountains. The culture of this valley has remained unchanged due to its remoteness and inaccessibility. The development of this valley is still on process.

The major attractions of this village are shear khola which originates from the Ganesh Himal. This place is also rich in wildlife. We can see the animals like Himalayan thar, blue Sheeps and Fishes. Also, we can see the beautiful, unique and historic monasteries of Buddhism which lies in the hilly part of this village.tsum valley (1)

There is also a facility of lodges and homestay where we can take rest during our visit. The people living here are very helpful and provides warm hospitality.


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